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Date:  May – December 2012
Location:  Downtown Columbus, Ohio
Description:  Part of the Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012 initiative for the Columbus200 bicentennial celebration. Several 24x26 inch murals are scattered around the downtown area. Painted by members of Central Ohio Plein Air. Project curator Malcolm Cochran; conception by artist Shelly Willis.
Sponsors:  Central Ohio Plein Air, Columbus Public Art 2012, Golden Artist Colors, Inc.
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As part of the celebration of Columbus' bicentennial in 2012, members of Central Ohio Plein Air are painting 24x26 inch murals in downtown locations. The murals, which depict the locations at which they are stationed, are down alleys and side streets, above construction areas, on the pillars of arcades, and other unexpected places. Artist Shelly Willis suggested the project to Columbus Public Art 2012 project curator Malcolm Cochran who solicited COPA for the planned murals.

The following list of murals includes those found as of December 2012, based on information from the COPA website at http://www.centralohiopleinair.com/.

23 N 4th St, E facade - Deb Haller
23 N 4th St, N facade - Bob Tanner
35 N 4th St, S facade - Ruth Ann Mitchell
35 N 4th ST W facade - Sue Otten
37 N 3rd St - Carol Granger
37 N 3rd St - Tom Cole
62 E Broad St, rear - Marianne Miller
62 E Broad St, W facade - Bill Westerman
20 E Broad St, rear - Andy Quisumbing
24 N High St, N facade - Aida Garrity
24 N High St, N facade - Janet Painter
46 N High St, W facade - Jim Glover
106 N High St, rear - Julie Ricketts
9th and Oak - Michael Crapser
144 East State St - Jim Glover
275 E Gay St - Debbie Haller


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Photos by Sandy Hale 2012


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